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I can't design!

14 July 2014 13:54

How’s the designing coming along?  Have you had any success or is it all too difficult?

Sometimes, even if you’ve managed to design something, it’s not what you want at that moment.  Sometimes, you’re not even sure what you do want.  Or, if you are, you can’t make it happen!

Have you looked at our Market Place recently?  There are lots of new designs going up every week.  There may be something there that fits the bill.  (If you're a designer, you can add your design to our Market Place as soon as you've ordered at least a swatch of it.)

Or, perhaps one of our designers might be able to produce something for you?  Leave a note below of the sort of thing you’re looking for, and maybe a designer will think, ‘I know just what she means!’ and come up with a design!

Don’t forget to vote in this month’s design competition on Facebook and give our designers some encouragement!


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