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We have a new website just for the Fabric Fun Craft Club!

You can find it at

I didn’t want to call the website Fabric Fun Craft Club – it’s a bit too much of a mouthful!   I couldn’t get Fabric Fun, so Fabric Stash was the best alternative.  If we’re fabric lovers, most of us have a stash, and here will be ways to use it!

There will be one or two other changes.  Some of you probably already know that I’m having trouble with Facebook.  I can’t get onto the FB page. (I get a ‘temporarily’ unavailable message – which  I’ve been getting for months now.)  It’s beginning to look as though the only option may be to delete my account and start again.  Until I can sort out this issue, there will be no Fabric Fun FB page. 

Club nights are now being held on Zoom. I know we’re all zoomed out at the moment, although, as things return to normal, that should pass.  Apart from that, it’s much better on Zoom, because it’s a two-way interaction.  So if I’m going too fast, or you miss something, you can say, and I can react accordingly.  It’s also nice to meet face-to-face, even if there’s still a screen in the way!

To celebrate the new website, there will be two free club nights over the summer.

The first one will be on Thursday, 19th August at 8pm and will introduce English Paper Piecing, a method of creating patchwork by hand. We will be making a single block of the Tumbling Blocks pattern, which you can turn into a coaster.  (This is basically the same club night as one of the first ones back in 2019.)

If you would like to join in, you need to sign up, so that you get the Zoom link, and either provide your own materials or you can order a pack, containing materials to make the evening’s project.

You will need:

Needle, thread, 3 pins and scissors

3 stiff paper diamond templates  (The sides of the diamond should be about 2″.)

3 pieces of cotton (all a similar weight) about ¼” bigger all round than the paper templates.  They should be in three intensities of colour, pale, medium and dark in shades / patterns which go together.

If you order a pack, it will contain all the above except scissors, plus a link to written instructions.  Packs for this club night will cost £2.50.

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