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Have you tried tie-dyeing?

On anything other than a tee-shirt?

Do you love it or hate it?

I must admit, I’m not a fan of the usual ‘grab a handful of fabric and tie string round it’ type of pattern.  But there are other patterns.

We’re going to use one of these other patterns, using natural dyes, to decorate the fabric for a nightdress, then make the nightie at our next two club nights, in June and July.  If you prefer, you can just dye the fabric, or try something different, like ombre dyeing.

If you haven’t tried dyeing your own fabric, it’s very satisfying and can be addictive!  Especially using natural dyes.

The nightie is a fairly simple pattern with no shaping.  It does have sleeves and buttonholes, but if these are new to you, don’t panic!  I’ll be there to help and they are not as scary as you might think.  You can omit the buttonholes if you really can’t face doing them!  And a nightie is a good garment to try things out on, because you’ll be wearing it in bed!!

My trial run was printed with hawthorn dye, but at the club we’ll be using logwood, which gives a lavender or purple colour.

Club nights will be on Thursday, June 10th  and Friday, July 9th at 8pm each evening.

The cost will be £30, including everything you need to dye and make your nightdress, except scissors, a large pan and a sewing machine.  Everything will be sent out to you a few days before the June meeting.  Club nights will be held on Zoom and recorded so that you can watch again if you need to.  There will also be written instructions if you prefer that.

Sign up by May 28th.

If you have any questions, do send me an email.

Otherwise, click on the button to sign up!

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