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Unfortunately, prices of just about everything have been rising this past year, postage in particular.

I have therefore, reluctantly, decided to increase my postage rates, which have not changed during the past 7 years!  

Within the UK, swatches will still be free.  Everything else will be a flat rate of £3.50.  I will be looking at fabric prices in the next day or two, but I will not increase the price of a fat quarter, as the increase in postage on these will cover the increase in fabric prices.

For Europe , postage on swatches will remain at £2, although, in fact, this has not been charged up to now, due to a misunderstanding!  The flat rate will go up to £10, which will cover tracked post, as I have had several parcels go astray on their way to Europe.

For the rest of the world, postage on swatches will be £3 and the flat rate for everything else will be £12.50, again, for tracked post.

I’m sorry I have to do this, but current rates do not reflect the actual costs involved in packing and posting orders.  It’s a big frustration for all small mail-order businesses.  Postage rates are getting to the point where some businesses are unviable, and the unreliability of the postal system doesn’t help.  I have had many parcels go missing, be delayed by several weeks or even be damaged, for which I end up paying; Royal Mail makes it so difficult to make a claim that it is rarely worth the time involved, as they do not accept responsibility or pay compensation.  (I was sent 4 1st class stamps when an order was so badly damaged that I had to reprint half of it!)

These changes will take place with immediate effect.

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